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Having survived more trends than we can count, our seasoned author is the remodel whisperer, turning homes from time capsules to modern marvels, one remodel at a time. With 42 years of remodeling wisdom under their toolbelt, they’re here to share insights that have stood the test of avocado-colored appliances and shag carpets.

Home Remodel Expectations

By |July 28, 2023|Before & After, Tips|

Design and Planning Phase After you approve our proposal, there are various things you will need to select such as faucets, paint colors, countertops, cabinets, tile, and flooring. Some vendors require appointments for materials selections assistance. Our Project Manager can help you with this. Communication is important between the [...]

Top 5 Gutter Problems and Their Solutions

By |June 15, 2022|Tips|

1. Why are my gutters sagging? When there is a drop in your gutters, water is collected there, preventing proper drainage into the ground. This causes stress on that section of gutter so that it may not be able to do its proper job, leading to further sagging or, [...]

Power Washing Your House

By |August 1, 2017|Tips|

Why Power Wash Your Home Let’s compare washing your house to washing your car.  Most people wash their car to protect their investment, take pride in themselves and their car and help maintain its paint appearance for many years.  Your home’s exterior is as important if not more [...]

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