Couple-watching-the-new-houseWhen it comes to transforming your home’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint, choosing the right company for the job is crucial. Read on to discover the benefits of working with us and why we stand out from the competition.

Experience and Expertise:

With 41 years of experience in the painting industry, Mr. Anderson has hired only highly skilled painters that meet his expectations. Did you know that Anderson Remodeling started as Anderson Painting? Our painters understand the intricacies of different surfaces, paint types, and application methods. We stay up to date with the latest industry trends, ensuring that we continue to provide top-notch service and excellent craftsmanship.

Quality Materials and Products:

We believe that using high-quality materials is the foundation for a successful exterior painting project. That’s why we source our paints, primers, and coatings from a trusted supplier known for their durability and longevity. By using premium products, we guarantee a finish that not only looks fantastic but also withstands the test of time and weather conditions.

Attention to Detail:

Our team ensures that every surface is prepped, primed, and painted flawlessly. We begin with a thorough power wash cleaning. We then protect windows, doors, and other areas not intended for paint with painter’s tape and plastic sheeting. Next, we scrape off any peeling or chipping paint, sand rough areas, and fill any cracks or holes with an appropriate filler. Finally, we go the extra mile to create a smooth and even finish that enhances the beauty of your home’s exterior.

Customized Solutions:

We understand that every home is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a complete exterior transformation or a simple color refresh, our team works closely with you to understand your vision and deliver customized solutions. We offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and design options to help you achieve the desired aesthetic appeal and create a home that reflects your style.

Timely and Efficient Service:

We value your time and strive to complete each exterior painting project efficiently, without compromising on quality. Our team adheres to a well-organized schedule, ensuring that the project is completed within a reasonable timeframe. We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your daily routine, and we take steps to keep the worksite clean and tidy throughout the process.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in our exceptional track record of happy and satisfied clients. From the initial consultation to the final walkthrough, we prioritize open communication, transparency, and addressing any concerns promptly. Plus, if you have any issues arise within 2-years of your project completion, we will fix it for free. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide an exterior painting experience that leaves you delighted with the results. Our job is not done until you give us the thumbs up. We also want your neighbors to notice!

Contact us today to discuss your painting needs and let us glow up your curb appeal.