1. Why are my gutters sagging?

When there is a drop in your gutters, water is collected there, preventing proper drainage into the ground. This causes stress on that section of gutter so that it may not be able to do its proper job, leading to further sagging or, at worst, a total collapse of that section. As water begins to seep from this low point, it can cause rotting and eventual erosion of wherever the water is directed, on the siding, or even the foundation below.

Solution: Call Anderson Remodeling to install hidden hangers every 3 feet with 2″ woodgrip screws to support your gutters.

2. Why are my gutters leaking?

If overlooked, a leaky gutter can slowly erode the siding or wood and foundation below the leaking area. The best time to check for damage is just after a rainstorm to check your gutter drainage performance. Also, are your gutters a good size for your home? Builders install 5″ gutters. Anderson Remodeling installs 6″ gutters. Size does matter.

Solution: Call Anderson Remodeling to clean out your gutters and check for proper gutter size and the overall downspout design. Do you need screens installed to divert pine needles, fallen leaves and other debris? Even small animals such as birds and squirrels can make nests and leave droppings that can clog up your gutters.

Anderson Remodeling gutter technicians are experienced to make sure during the cleaning process that your gutters are sealed properly, making sure hidden hangers are not coming loose and make additional recommendations for repair or replacement. They know how water flows and will check that you have sufficient downspout placement to displace the water into the correct place and away from your home and landscaping. Anderson Remodeling can make recommendations for your downspout water runoff.

Your gutters are an important part of your home. We install 6″ seamless aluminum gutters. Downspouts are custom designed and installed every 25-35 feet to prevent the elements from damaging your home. We offer the installation of screen covers and 3ʹ × 4ʹ downspouts. Choose from up to 26 different gutter & downspout colors to match the existing colors on your home!

3. Are my gutters sloped properly?

If you notice your gutter failing to drain without any visible leaks, slope could be the issue. Improper slope will cause excess stress to your gutter system by allowing water to pool and stress your gutters if not taken care of.

We don’t recommend attempting to fix improperly sloped gutters yourself. Mistakes in gutter slope can cause several problems. Too much or too little leaves your home susceptible to water damage, so it’s essential to call a reputable gutter company that has the right experience and tools. Mr. Anderson has been designing gutter systems for 40 years.

Solution: Call Anderson Remodeling to slope your gutters properly.


4. Why are my gutters not draining?

Gutters are constantly battling against the elements to keep that channel open and free of leaks or sags. Each fall and spring, you will need to climb around the whole perimeter of your roof to clean out the clogged gutters. But your wife doesn’t want you on a ladder. If they become clogged or damaged, it’s essential to get them fixed right away to avoid any more damage further down the road or safety issues since they cannot flow down the downspout, the water has to go somewhere, therefore, it will leak at the joints and corners which are usually located at the entry and sidewalks of your home causing safety issues. Anderson Remodeling can seal the joints and corners after your gutter cleaning.

Solution: Call Anderson Remodeling to get on the ladder for you to clean out your gutters and also seal all the joints and corners, if necessary.

5. My gutters are damaged. What do I do?

Without the proper maintenance and attention to your gutter condition, gutter damage is bound to happen. Even if your home is located far from falling trees and hail zones, gutter erosion is quite possible if you fail to give your gutters love and keep nearby limbs trimmed and away from your home.

Solution: Call Anderson Remodeling to schedule your free gutter estimate today. Gutters are actually more affordable than you think!


The majority of gutter issues can be prevented with regular and proper maintenance. If you’re a new homeowner or looking to extend the life of your gutters, add these maintenance tips to your spring cleaning list.

  • Clean your gutters: A quick lap around your house will ensure proper drainage all season long or call Anderson Remodeling to do it for you
  • Check for leaks: After a storm is the best time to spot any improper drainage throughout a gutter system
  • Look for sags: It is better to catch a slight sag early on than have to repair a collapsed gutter months down the line
  • Check the pitch: You may consider bringing a level with you while you clean the gutters to ensure they are properly sloped toward the drain
  • Look for damage: After each storm, check for major damage and make a call to Anderson Remodeling to repair it right away

P.S. One call does it all.

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