Our Siding Installation and Exterior Repair Services

When the time comes to remodel your residence, one of the most crucial choices you’ll face involves selecting the appropriate siding type. Given Houston’s humid subtropical weather marked by tornadoes, hurricanes, and intense floods, your preference should lean towards a blend of sturdiness and cost-effectiveness.

About Our Siding Products

We also offer lap and gap siding repairs and installation, but due to James Hardie’s unmatched blend of durability, versatility, and captivating aesthetic, Anderson Remodeling wholeheartedly recommends the installation of Hardie Plank siding. We do not want you to worry about how your siding is performing. Hardie Plank siding stands as one of the most widely favored siding brands across the United States.
Before the siding goes on is also an important part of weatherproofing your home. We also offer a moisture barrier as an option to further protect your home from the elements. We install the siding with galvanized nails and use the very best caulk and paint. We won’t BS you because Anderson Remodeling wants your exterior to last and look nice. After all, our clients are representing our work!

Project Cost

When a homeowner hires a remodeling company to replace the siding on their home, various project costs can come into play. These include expenses related to the purchase of the siding materials, labor costs for the installation process, and any unforeseen issues like structural repairs or the need for extra insulation. It’s essential for the homeowner to work closely with the remodeling company to understand and budget for these potential expenses to ensure a smooth and financially manageable project.

Why Hire Us For Your Siding Remodeling Project?

Rigorous Standards of Workmanship

Owner, Mr. Anderson has personally trained each one of his employees and crew team with his 41 years of experience in professional craftsmanship.

Our remodeling company proudly offers a 2-year warranty on workmanship, ensuring peace of mind for your project.

Consistently There For Our Customers

We have a full office staff available for when you have questions or want to bounce your ideas off of us.